Beau D. Weiner

Beau Weiner comes from a family of experienced and highly respected attorneys. Together the family has over nine decades of combined legal experience. Beau’s father, David Weiner, began practice in 1973 and quickly earned a reputation as a renowned criminal defense attorney. During the 1990’s his brother Dain, brother Adam and wife Davia began legal practice.

The focus of Beau Weiner’s practice is criminal defense and civil litigation on the side of plaintiffs.

Beau attended Stanford University, graduating with a BS in Geology and Environmental Science, as well as earning honors as an NCAA Academic All-American, and NCAA Wrestling All- American. Beau now wrestles against the forces of oppression and injustice on a daily basis.

After five years of travelling the globe, working for various private companies and government agencies, and gaining valuable experience outside of the legal field, Beau decided to make the world a better place for the poor and the oppressed and the unjustly accused by going to law school. Along with David, Adam, and Davia, Beau attended McGeorge School of Law. Since 2004, by day he gained valuable experience working in his families’ law offices, while attending law school at night.During the past ten years, Beau has successfully helped countless clients from all walks of life deal with challenging legal issues. Throughout Northern California, Beau Weiner tenaciously represents and protects his clients' rights- in both civil and criminal courts. 

Beau is a knowledgeable and dedicated advocate. He will actively negotiate the best deal possible for your case, while at the same time aggressively protecting your interests- both in the courtroom and out.

In his free time, Beau is a volunteer coach and mentor at EDHBJJ, a jiu-jitsu and wrestling academy in El Dorado Hills.

Beau knows that one day soon his partner will see the light, and promptly purchase a Macbook pro and iPhone.