Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an auto accident, or by another human being, during medical treatment, or some other type of accident or intentional conduct, you will need a personal injury attorney. Our personal injury attorneys and staff focus on obtaining the maximum recovery that you are entitled to for your injuries and related losses.

At our free in-person consultation, our attorneys will immediately review your case. We obtain and analyze all the facts related to your injury, perform further investigation and research, and apply it to the appropriate legal authority.

Upon review, we will assess the value of your case, and help you understand the complex mine field of insurance companies and adjusters, medical treatment, authorizations, liens, demands and important deadlines.

We’ll obtain all information necessary for your case/recovery: your relevant medical records, traffic and police reports, and when needed perform on-site scene measurement, take videos and still pictures, and further investigation on any parties or conditions involved in your injury.

Upon completion of your medical assessment, we prepare a formal demand package and serve it on defendant’s insurance company. If the response to our demand does not meet your needs, we file suit and fight for you in court.

We pride ourselves in keeping open, reliable, honest communication with our clients thru every step in the process. We will immediately inform you of any updates on your case, and you always have the final say on whether to accept a defendant’s settlement offer.

While we cannot restore your health or quality of life that was taken away, we can and will do everything possible to obtain fair and full compensation to you for your injuries and losses, and to ensure you have enough money to pay for your medical bills, needed surgeries, and ongoing treatment.